Marijuana Equipments For Indoor Growing


The marijuana industry is growing and becoming widely known. Marijuana is a very flexible plant that can be used as a medicine and a lot more. And over the years, cannabidiol (CBD) has become more popular in treating medical issues in a natural way. More countries and states are legalizing the consumption of marijuana and CBD products are spreading everywhere. Also with the high demand for these products, there is a need for more legal room to grow. You have to have an effective and fast-growing room to yield marijuana and hemp efficiently. In this article, we will show you an overview of the equipment to grow indoor weed and what do you need to grow marijuana indoors. Enjoy reading!

Indoor Growing Equipment

Grow Tent

It’s very important to know more about the number of marijuana that you want to plant. This would help you know the resources you would need to gather. Also, is it important to know and learn the kind of marijuana you are growing? There are 2 types of plant symptoms; there’s the passive and there’s the active. The passive setup is the simplest and easiest way to begin and keep up. But, this would require longer effort than those of the active grower. A passive growing system needs standard materials like wick devices, glass boxes, and even basic pots. Nevertheless, these are usually used by newbies or those who do it on a limited scale. But, for active growers, you’ll need expert growers who are quite expensive but are worth it. You could also choose to use organic or solid mixtures.  

One of the easy and quick marijuana indoor growing equipment is to have a growing tent that gives an ideal setting, like full range lights and air circulation. The conductive interior surface helps to trap the lights inside of the tent, optimizing the effectiveness of the growing lights. A 2’x2 growing tent is ideal for newbies or cannabis growers with a small space. It could only facilitate 2 medium plants or 4 small plants from vegetation to flowering stage and is ideal to be used as a seed and clone tent. Growing cannabis in a growing tent would allow you to entirely control your growing environment, help keep your garden free from pollutants and pests, and comprise any possible disaster that might arise from the growth process. This kind of equipment for growing weed is usually used as a “mother tent”.

Grow Light

Grow lights is one of the equipment to grow indoor weed since you’re growing indoors, you are going to have to choose a growing light to replicate the light of the sun”’ There are a number of different types of grow lights and, unluckily, there’s no ‘best’ light. Deciding a growing light comes down to the measurements of your space, your funding, your growth objectives, and the limitations of your power. The great news is that lighting quality has advanced over the last few years and almost all lights like HPS, LED, CMH, and DE can work.

Extraction Fan

An extraction fan is important for maintaining the temperatures and providing fresh air (C02) to plants that need to flourish. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to have an extraction fan if you’re operating in an enclosed room but you’ll need an A / C and a CO2 generator, which is a far more affordable choice.

Carbon Filter

As when the plants reach the flowering stage of development, they begin to release the pungent smell that we already know and love, unless you are friends. Carbon filters are indeed the answer to the aroma of skunky, terpene-rich weeds.  You surely wouldn’t want to get a low-cost carbon filter to ensure you stick to trusted companies when it comes to this important piece of equipment for growing weed indoors.


Although not stylish, ducting is a major element of your garden air vents. For tiny grows, most growers recommend a versatile, sealed ducting isolation that helps keep the pressure (due to hot air) from radiating to your growing room. It is better to use a minimum of 6 inch ducting; bigger grow would also benefit from a larger ducting diameter.

Rotating or Oscillating Fan

One of the growing equipment for weed is rotating fans because it delivers consistent airflow inside the tent, stopping mold growth, and trying to help to strengthen the branches and stems of your marijuana plants. 

Thermometer or Hygrometer

You would need to make sure that your room or tents are at the right temperature and at the optimal level humidity to achieve maximum yield. A combined effect of a hygrometer and thermometer will enable you to do so as well, and they’re cheaper than $10.

EC meter

This is used to measure the level of minerals and nutrients inside the water. Regardless of the actual how you mix it, it really is a great idea to evaluate the nutrients (together with the temperature and pH) prior to actually feeding them to the plants.

pH meter

It is normal for growers to need to reduce the pH level of water when you have added the nutrients, so have a pH meter to know precisely what all the level is at. The pH meter would also cost just $20 or so at the low end of the scale, but then you can purchase a more pricey one that also will measure the temperature of the water and the EC. Cannabis growers who use soil should use a pump once they have three or even more 600-watt lamps. If you’re just using a lamp or two, the watering can do just fine. The watering could be fine for watering the plants, but the pump is acceptable. The quantity of your growing operation makes a huge difference that what one you must use. Growers engaged in hydroponics activities must use a pump that is connected to a time change.

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