Marijuana Equipments For Outdoor Growing

Equipment in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

For an outdoor type of marijuana growing, it is said that not much many equipments are needed in order to effectively grow marijuana.  Being basically an outdoor plant and even called a weed, cannabis plants are expected to weather environmental and even pest onslaught to a certain extent.  This is especially true in the case of those cannabis strains that are meant specifically for outdoor growing like the mainly sativa variety.

Though outdoor growing is supposed to be the easiest, it nevertheless becomes difficult if the grower is not equipped with the necessary know-how on the proper raising of marijuana plants.  Even if they are basically a string type of plant as compared to others, it still needs to be augmented with the necessary nutrients on a regular basis.  The first thing that a grower needs is a constant supply of water.  Depending on the number of outdoor marijuana plants, the water must be prepared according to the size of the outdoor plantation.

If the plantation is in a far away secluded place, it would be better to have a watering system right in the area itself to avoid the trouble of transporting water on a regular basis which may also attract unnecessary attention.  A water tank is important and needed to be placed near the plantation.  A special watering equipment may also be needed where water automatically flows or a sprinkler system to make sure that the marijuana plants are watered according to schedule.

Other necessary equipments for marijuana growing outdoors include having a pick, shovel, hoe, fertilizer, insecticide, saw, scissors, buckets, pails, and such other implements that may not be needed at the initial stages but might come in handy during the growing phase.  Growing marijuana outdoors is just like growing other plants but since it is very important to a ganja lover, it is expected to be pampered a whole lot more and sometimes even more than it really requires.

Other tools that will definitely be needed are a pair of scissors or bow saw, because there will come a time that the growing marijuana must be pruned a bit to allow sunlight to penetrate the inner and lower parts of the plant.  This is especially needed when the lower part is not getting the needed nutrition.  These are just the basic equipments needed for an outdoor growing and more are expected to be added when another mode of outdoor growing is adapted.  This pertains to a greenhouse style of growing ganja as it will require some electricity consumption for ventilation and temperature control.

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