Marijuana Lighting Needs

Marijuana Lighting Needs

The amount of light your plant needs vary on the type of  Marijuana you grow. Cannabis Sativa have less chlorophyll than Cannabis Indica, thus they  require more light exposure. Select the type of lighting needed by the breed you intend to grow. Lights must be properly installed and must maintain a certain distance from the plants to prevent the plants from overheating. You can determine if your plants are overheated by  inspecting the tips of the leaves .Shriveled  leaves would mean that the plant is over heated. Ensure that the room also has proper ventilation to dissipate heat which also prevent overheating. There are different kinds of lighting used Listed below are the popular  types used by growers.

Fluorescent lights are the cheapest and the most readily available type of lightning used. These lights come in varying lengths have an  average length  between 2-10 feet. There are  different kinds of fluorescent lights: the Grow Light Fluorescent produce blue  spectrum while  the Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) produces red and blue spectrum. CFL  is the best choice among small  scale producer sand  is favorable for flowering plants . Although  cheaper than most lighting equipment, they produce less light. Fluorescent light have an average of  10- 300 watts.

Metal-Halide lamps  (MH)  are efficient high intensity discharge (HID)  lamps which  are popularly used among  large indoor production. Although MH lamps are more expensive. they are efficient and produce more heat. Plants grow rapidly during the vegetative state and  need blue spectrum light  naturally found in sunlight.MH lamp are available  from 75 watts to 4000 watts and   produce the blue light needed by growing plants.

High Pressure Sodium Light (HPS) is a choice for growers who want  quality spectrum distribution.HPS do not produce  the same amount of blue light  that the Metal Halide  has but the HPS contain  red and yellow  spectrum which effectively stimulate flowering plants.HPS  is considered as an average lighting system and have a long shelf life.

Horticultural Light is a kind of HID lamps  which are  developed by seasoned horticulturalists. This type of light is an essential tool for your plants to thrive , it is  specifically designed for the needs of indoor plants. Horticultural  lights  have a price range of about $250-$300. The lights come in varying wattage and  sizes and the kit contains a ballast, timer ,bulbs  and reflectors.

The last type of light is the LED light. LED light is an  energy saving light that also produce  less heat .This reduces  the chance of your plants from being overheating  and fire hazards.

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