What to Consider In choosing The Right Marijuana Strain

Choose the Right Marijuana Strain

For those who are just beginning on the idea of growing marijuana, and even for those who have experienced earlier on the travails and joys of marijuana growing but who still want to know more on what to consider in choosing the right marijuana strain, the barometer that will tell if a cannabis strain is ideal or not is more often than not , right in front of your very eyes.  Yes, when you visit online marijuana shops, they usually enumerate the available weed strains in their stock together with a description on how ideal a particular strain is. Most often, you fail to consider what is right in front of you because the tendency is to be deluged in the sea of so many possibilities, losing focus in the end on what should be the basic considerations.  So let us focus on what matters most in choosing the right marijuana strain and from there decide if a certain pot variety is ideal for you or not.


You read it right.  Cost is of course a primordial consideration.  Unless you have no budgetary constraints, the cost of the marijuana strain as well as the expenses that will be incurred in growing the said strain must be considered.  Cannabis strains are given a rating of easy, medium, to difficult in terms of growing requirements and the more difficult a ganja strain is to grow, the more expense you are likely to incur.

Difficulty of Growing

Certain cannabis strains are better left to experts when it comes to growing it.  If the expertise is still not there, choose an easy to medium difficulty type of growingweed.


Some call this yield.  The amount of produce your mature marijuana is expected to produce will also be given in its table of facts.  The amount of yield is based on the average and not always correct.


This normally refers to the thc content or level of potency.  It is said that the higher the thc level, the more potent that marijuana strain should be.  The previous years have actually became witness to the race to produce the cannabis strain the has the highest potency ever.


This is very important as the high that a marijuana strain gives will be its trademark.  Cannabis smokers will definitely ask for more of a particular strain to grow not because it is easy to raise, not because it has the most amount of yield, but most importantly because of the taste and high that it provides.

So when choosing for the right marijuana strain, always look for the above information.


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