Medical Marijuana

Even though the Medical Benefits of Marijuana have been noticed for thousand of years, strong anti-marijuana sentiment in the United States makes the use of this herb illegal.

The beneficial effect of marijuana, specifically THC, as an antiemetic drug is an important application of marijuana as a medical treatment. As an anti-vomiting drug marijuana shows to alleviate nausea in patients suffering from AIDS and gastrointestinal ailment Crohn’s disease. Further marijuana elevates the feeling of nausea and vomiting in patients who undergo chemotherapy. A unit of Belgium’s Solvary have created a pill called Marinol that is to provide same reliefe benifits as marijuana does. However, studies show that patinence experienced little to no relief from the pill.

Thus Marijuana is smoked for both medical and entertainment purposes. Since 2001, Canada has officially approved the medical use of marijuana. It is now legal for Canadian patients to grow and smoke marijuana if their symptoms have been certified by a physician as warranting this treatment. However, in both United States and North America it is still illegal to Grow and smoke Marijuana for recreational purposes.

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