Outdoor Marijuana Growing Needs

Needs of Growing Outdoor Marijuana

Marijuana can be grown outdoors if  the climate is right. To determine if your Marijuana plantation can survive outdoors, check out if tomatoes  can be grown outside. Outdoor growing is more economical than indoor growing. You do  not have to spend on lighting, ventilation, pots, and other expensive equipments . There are two types of outdoor farming ,the first type is Guerilla farming. The concept for this would be to plant seeds in the woods, however this method  cannot be trusted. The next kind would be outdoor growing. If you  have a spacious yard, live in  a remote place  free from suspicious people, outdoor plantation is an option for you. To grow Marijuana outside is a tricky business, caution should be exercised to prevent sticky situations. Before anything else , fortification of your garden  is necessary. This means putting up a fence to prevent your precious plants from humans and animals.

Make sure that your fence is tall( approximately 12 feet tall ) and sturdy .Select seeds which are naturally resistant to bugs, fungi and mildew. Another tip would be to pick seeds which have a mild smell. Although most people are unfamiliar with the scent of Marijuana , some are. When planting seeds ,March and April are the months best suited  so that by August or September your plants will be mature. The amount of daylight  begins to decrease by August. The next step would be land preparation. Some growers add soil mixtures to  their soil to enrich it. Growers  obtain  samples of the soil to be analyzed  . This is to determine the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium  ratio. If the soil is poor  in these nutrients do something about it first. Next, get rid of all the weeds in your garden, uproot  as much weeds as possible.

These weeds can choke on your seedling and compete for growing space. After de-weeding your yard, you are now ready to plant your seeds. They should be buried at 0.5-1 inch. Birds make come and dig out your seeds so place twigs directly above the seeds. A variation growers utilize is to  grow the seeds indoors  and when the seedling grow to about  8 inches tall they  transfer  the plants outdoors. For the first few weeks , all you need to do is to water the plants  and regularly remove the weeds. As the plant grows make  certain you tend to their needs. Remember to take caution when harvesting as well. Harvesting them at night is not advised since it raises suspicion.

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