Outdoor Marijuana Growing Needs

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Outdoor marijuana growing is preferable if the climate is right. To determine if your Marijuana plantation can survive outdoors, check out if tomatoes can be grown outside. Outdoor growing is more economical than indoor growing. You do not have to spend on lighting, ventilation, pots, and other expensive equipment. There are two types of outdoor farming, The first type is Guerilla farming. The concept for this would be to plant seeds in the woods, however, this method cannot be trusted. The next kind would be outdoor growing. If you have a spacious yard, live in a remote place free from suspicious people, an outdoor plantation is an option for you. To grow Marijuana outside is a tricky business, caution should be exercised to prevent sticky situations. Before anything else, the fortification of your garden is necessary. This means putting up a fence to prevent your precious plants from humans and animals. See our Outdoor Marijuana Growing Guide and Tips to learn more before you start planting.

Outdoor Marijuana Growing Tips

Make sure that your fence is tall( approximately 12 feet tall ) and sturdy. Select seeds that are naturally resistant to bugs, fungi, and mildew. Another tip would be to pick seeds which have a mild smell. Although most people are unfamiliar with the scent of Marijuana, some are. When planting seeds, March and April are the months best suited so that by August or September your plants will be mature. The amount of daylight begins to decrease by August. The next step in growing marijuana outdoor would be land preparation. Some growers add soil mixtures to their soil to enrich it. Growers obtain samples of the soil to be analyzed. This is to determine the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium ratio. If the soil is poor in these nutrients do something about it first. Next, get rid of all the weeds in your garden, uproot as many weeds as possible.

These weeds can choke on your seedling and compete for growing space. After de-weeding your yard, you are now ready to plant your seeds. They should be buried at 0.5-1 inch. Birds make come and dig out your seeds so place twigs directly above the seeds. A variation growers utilize is to grow the seeds indoors and when the seedling grows to about 8 inches tall they transfer the plants outdoors. For the first few weeks, all you need to do is to water the plants and regularly remove the weeds. As the plant grows make certain you tend to their needs. Remember to take caution when harvesting as well. Harvesting them at night is not advised since it raises suspicion.

Quick Outdoor Marijana Growing Guide for beginners


  • Check the Climate of your Garden 

Outdoor Marijuana growing is highly affected by the environmental conditions they are in. Temperatures higher than 86 degrees F will stagnate your plant’s growth while those lower than 55 degrees F can damage them or even kill them.

Too much wind and heavy pouring rains can cause damage to your plants physically which includes excess in moisture, especially during flowering.

  • Choosing a Spot to Plant

Pick a good spot for growing outdoor marijuana plants to receive sunlight directly as much as they can on the course of the day especially during noon where light quality is at its peak. Good ventilation plays a crucial role so make sure the plants receive an ample amount. Finally, consider privacy as not all people would be as accepting as others when it comes to growing pot.

  • Pick the Right Strain

There are strains that are more inclined to outdoor marijuana growing. So it is best to do a lot of research and consider your garden’s conditions when picking the perfect strain to grow.  See our top 8 low odor strains which are highly suggested for outdoor marijuana growing or see available seeds online.

  • Soil Preparation and Selection

It is very crucial to ensure the soil quality you will be planting on must be perfect for growing outdoor marijuana to achieve great results. This must consist of ample ratios of Sand, Clay, and silt to achieve a perfect mix. See our article regarding proper soil selection.

  • Fertilizers

Outdoor marijuana growing requires additional nutrients in order for your plant to flourish and achieve maximum yield. These nutrients are mainly N, P, K which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. More often than not each Outdoor seed strain packet you purchase will come with its preferred nutrient requirements guide. Make sure to start them off slowly as overfeeding will also cause harm to your plants 

  • Use the Proper Containers 

Generally, a 5 to 10 Gallon garden pot is recommended. This is to allow them to grow continuously in it and avoid having to transplant them when they grow bigger and taller. Make sure your containers have good draining holes to ensure your plants will not drown.

  • Watering and Feeding

Make sure to feed your plants just right. Over and under watering will cause harm to your plants or will stun their growth. Watering with the proper amounts is very crucial to the success of your Outdoor Marijuana Growing. This is also highly dependent on your environment meaning the higher the temperature the more watering is required. Make sure you have the knowledge regarding this even before you start growing.

  • Protection

Make sure you protect your plants from any attacks and infestations. Usually, the number one culprit in this is spider mites. Having the right amount of knowledge in this will be the greatest defense. Read more regarding how to avoid spider mites. Furthermore, If you have the budget it would be very feasible growing outdoor marijuana plants in a greenhouse. This way you can both enjoy the advantage of outdoor natural lighting together with indoor plant protection.


We hope that our Quick Outdoor Marijana Growing guide for beginners will help you become successful in your Outdoor Marijuana growing preparation. As it is really crucial to have the knowledge beforehand to ensure that we not only protect our plants but make sure that we ourselves do not harm them with the wrong kind of care!

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