Cannabis Strains Ideal For Greenhouse Growing

Outdoor marijuana growing is arguably still the best mode of growing marijuana.  But the many limitations inherent in outdoor growing is discouraging in most instances so the more safe and secure indoor cannabis growing method became more popular.  There are still those who use the outdoor method but to an improved degree such as the greenhouse cannabis growing medium.  Greenhouse marijuana growing is actually a combination of both indoor and outdoor cannabis growing.  It is a form of outdoor growing because it does not rely on the use of growing lights to hasten the weed growth as it mainly uses the light coming from the sun.  It is an indoor form of growing in the sense that the ganja plants are not exposed to the harsh environmental elements and the indoor temperature can actually be regulated to the desired level.

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Not all marijuana strains are conducive to a greenhouse type of growing.  By the nature of greenhouses, where the glass ceiling is normally not that high as to exceed 3 meters in most cases, the only strain of weed that can be effectively grown are those that are basically shorter in height.  Here are some of the weed strains that have been tried on greenhouse growing and proved to be effective under such method.

Dutch Dope Marijuana Strain

A cross between indica and sativa, the height is basically indica which makes it shorter and therefore ideal for greenhouse cannabis growing.

Amsterdam Indica Cannabis Seeds

This strain is 5% sativa and an amazing 95% indica.  Very ideal for greenhouse growing because of its short indica feature.

Bob Marley Sativa Strain

One of the few sativas that can be grown in a greenhouse.  The greenhouse must have high glass ceilings to accommodate bob.  The warm climate associated with a greenhouse will definitely help in producing more yields for this outdoor loving cannabis.

Crystal Rain Feminized Strain

An indica/sativa mix that gives a predominantly indica type of high.  The indica feature of this strain makes it shorter than other weed varieties when grown and that is why it is also good for greenhouse growing.

Hazed Feminized Cannabis Strain

This mostly sativa strain of ganja originated from Jamaica and is best grown outdoor but loves greenhouse growing as well.  It is naturally healthy with natural sunlight bathing it day in and day out.  This strain has small but very potent buds.

Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Cannabis Strain

Because it is one of those versatile enough to be grown indoors or outdoors, this cannabis strain also performs excellently in a greenhouse growing set-up.


Three of The Favorite Sativa Strains of All-Time

Out of the many sativa strains proliferating around the world, a few of them have made a mark and will continue to be the favourite marijuana strains of many weed aficionados.  Even with the introduction of various strains resulting from a cross of other breeds, some sativa cannabis varieties will still be here and are expected to still ride the ship of popularity well into the future.  Let’s take a look at some of the famous sativas that have maintained their clout in the marijuana industry.

Bob Marley Sativa

Aptly named to the famous singer who contributed a lot to the growth of marijuana popularity during his time, the Bob Marley Sativa is a cannabis variety that is best grown outdoors.  It has the full features of a sativa cannabis being tall with small buds.  Gro it in a tropical country and you will surely have a good yield because it lives well by basking under the glory of the sun’ rays.  The high it gives is a distinct cerebral feeling that has happy overtures.  You’ll never know what you will do next just to make you smile even with little things around.  It is easy to grow this plant and it can flower between 9 to 11 weeks.  A real weed enthusiasts would always want to try a Bob Marley sativa cannabis.

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Super Silver haze

The Super Silver haze is a predominantly sativa strain having been crossed minimally with an indica strain.  This strain has won a couple of awards already owing to its distinct sativa high.  The yield is not that high but whatever is produced will surely make up for what is lacking in terms of the high that it can give.  First time weed smokers are advised to take it in moderation.  The thc content is a perfect 15-20% and it gives a eucalyptus type of taste which somehow adds up to the stoney effect.  Truly a distinct sativa strain and very popular across the globe.  As for the growing, it is not difficult to grow this baby especially in an indoor setting. Read the rest of this entry »

High Yielding Marijuana Strains

marijuana seedsMarijuana growers differ on the ideal cannabis strain that they want.  Some prefer those strains with high potency, strains that are for indoor or outdoor growing, those with the shortest flowering period, and such other characteristics.  There will always be those meticulous enough and will always demand for a particular trait that is applicable only to some ganja strains.  One distinct characteristic of a marijuana strain that is being looked upon most of the time by growers is its ability to produce high yield.  Even if the weed is said to be potent, if the produce is very low, then it is just a waste of time and money in certain instances because growing marijuana requires a lot of both and the ultimate compensation must necessarily come in the form of marijuana yield. Read the rest of this entry »

Deciding on which Marijuana Strain is the Best

Choosing the right marijuana strain can be a daunting task especially for a newbie grower who has no actual background in the exigencies of cannabis growing.  Whether it be outdoor or indoor growing method that is to be used, it is important to know what marijuana strain will flourish best under a given circumstance.  When the vehicle for cannabis growing is identified, it is then time to select the proper strain to be grown.  Selecting the right weed strain will depend on the actual intention of the budding ganja grower and more often, it is said that the kind of marijuana strain grown speaks well of the character and pot preference of its owner.  One of the many considerations for choosing a marijuana strain is its known thc content.  It is said that the higher the thc content, then the better the high that it will give when smoked.  This has not been really proven but still remains the good barometer in determining the expected effects when it is smoked.  Some of the cannabis strains with a noted high thc content are the following: Read the rest of this entry »

Effective Marijuana Strains For Indoor Growing

For the budding cannabis grower, the primordial concern is always to decide on what marijuana strain is the best to grow.  This is the question that normally besets a few second time growers.  As for their first time experience, a good number of growers normally prefer the ganja strain that is endemic in their place of origin.  This is the usual reaction for first time growers and expected to a great extent.  But when it comes to a second-time grower, most of them would prefer to try something new.  The success of the first time marijuana growing venture has a big say on the desire to continue growing in most cases. Read the rest of this entry »

Popular Hardy and Easy to Grow Marijuana Strains

Growing  your  own Marijuana  require  patience and skill. Growers  face the dilemma of choosing the right type to grow. Cultivators have many factors to consider such  as the skills they posses and the resources available  to sustain the plant’s  needs .The strains listed below are ideal for novice, advance beginners and experts alike.

Skunk #1

The pioneer hybrid to be stabilized  for indoor cultivation, the Skunk #1 is a favorite among  growers for more than 35 years. This strain is a sturdy queen, famous for being disease and pest resistant. Novice growers delight in its ability to tolerate abuse. This plant, as its name suggests produce a skunky flavor with a hint of sweetness. It contains an average  THC level of  11.5% ( medium) giving consumers an encompassing buzz. Read the rest of this entry »

Outdoor Marijuana Growing Needs

Marijuana can be grown outdoors if  the climate is right. To determine if your Marijuana plantation can survive outdoors, check out if tomatoes  can be grown outside. Outdoor growing is more economical than indoor growing. You do  not have to spend on lighting, ventilation, pots, and other expensive equipments . There are two types of outdoor farming ,the first type is Guerilla farming. The concept for this would be to plant seeds in the woods, however this method  cannot be trusted. The next kind would be outdoor growing. If you  have a spacious yard, live in  a remote place  free from suspicious people, outdoor plantation is an option for you. To grow Marijuana outside is a tricky business, caution should be exercised to prevent sticky situations. Before anything else , fortification of your garden  is necessary. This means putting up a fence to prevent your precious plants from humans and animals. Read the rest of this entry »

Potency of Marijuana Strains

The strength or potency of marijuana strains depend on the THC content level of the weed. Some smokers said that as compared to 1970’s, the effect of ganja is much stronger now. The pure strains of marijuana which are indica and sativa remained to have the same level of THC content over the years. It is just that smoker from 70’s era preferred to puff the leaves only where THC has lower concentration while nowadays we are using the flower and its tip called buds where the highest content of cannabinoid is found. Another factor that alters the original potency is crossbreeding or mixing the original strains. But there is still no good confirmation that weeds are much stronger today than 40 years ago.

A variety of mixed high grade strains flourish in online seed shops, all of which have guaranteed highest potency and can give the user the desired cerebral tinkles. Some of the fresh super strains include Black Pearl which is 70% sativa and 30% indica. The pungent and sharp scent of this domineering strain is a blend of tinge of skunk and berries and its potency is indisputable. The Monster Bud super strain is another powerful mixture of 60% sativa and 40% indica. It gives a high that stimulates creative thoughts. Other powerhouse strains are Monster Bomb, Purple Diesel, Cluster Bomb and Avalanche. Read the rest of this entry »

Marijuana Equipments For Indoor Growing

Growing marijuana entails having on stock and ready certain equipments.  Some are indispensable while others are meant on standby basis and will be used only when it is necessary.  Indoor marijuana growing in particular will require a lot of equipments.  This is due to the inherent limitation of this kind of growing method which must be compensated by equipments. For those who want to indulge in indoor marijuana growing, here are some basic equipments that will be needed.

Electric Fans or Blowers

The air must be able to circulate freely inside the grow room.  This will prevent the room from growing too humid. Read the rest of this entry »

Marijuana Equipments For Outdoor Growing

For an outdoor type of marijuana growing, it is said that not much many equipments are needed in order to effectively grow marijuana.  Being basically an outdoor plant and even called a weed, cannabis plants are expected to weather environmental and even pest onslaught to a certain extent.  This is especially true in the case of those cannabis strains that are meant specifically for outdoor growing like the mainly sativa variety.

Though outdoor growing is supposed to be the easiest, it nevertheless becomes difficult if the grower is not equipped with the necessary know-how on the proper raising of marijuana plants.  Even if they are basically a string type of plant as compared to others, it still needs to be augmented with the necessary nutrients on a regular basis.  The first thing that a grower needs is a constant supply of water.  Depending on the number of outdoor marijuana plants, the water must be prepared according to the size of the outdoor plantation. Read the rest of this entry »