Picking Your favorite Marijuana Strains

If you’re new to smoking weed, it’s a good start to read about it first. There have been studies on different effects of marijuana based on various strains and route of administration. So an excellent start would be to read up on this to optimize your experience. The basics are that there are two main categories, Sativa and Indica. To crudely differentiate them, Sativa gives you a high, energetic, uplifting, optimistic feeling while the Indica gives you a stoned calm feeling.  There are also hybrids of the Sativa and Indica that produce a variety of effects.

On the medicinal side, the effect depends on the strains.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, Blue Dreams and Kandy Kush would give you that euphoric sleep you’ve been longing for. In the Sativa variety, Green Crack and Purple Kush are commonly recommended for pain relief.

Now the question newbies are asking, which ones should I try first? It is best to start with the classics and popular ones.

Notable Sativas

.Jack Herer- named after the activist Jack Herer, this strain is known for a very strong high.

THC Content: 15-20%

Taste: Bittersweet

Smell: sharp, musty and spicy

Sensations: lightheaded, focused,

Caution: may cause dry mouth and eyes

Notable Indicas

Kush- This actually refers to a variety of strains grown in the Middle East to East Asia. This group of strains usually gives a feeling of relaxation. The popular ones are Master Kush, Purple Kush and also the classics Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush. Let’s look at each one of them.

Purple Kush- a great treatment for chronic pain and depression, grown in California.

THC Content: 18-22%

Taste: Fruity (like grapes and blackberries)

Smell: sandalwood

Sensations: relaxing, feeling of laziness, effect is gradual, great for insomnia

Caution: may cause dry mouth and eyes

Bubba Kush

THC Content: 18%

Taste: Sweet with a tinge of cool feeling

Smell: hint of ginger and pine

Sensations: smooth high as if there are waves moving down your body

Notable Hybrids

Master Kush- A cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk, this strain is called a master for a reason, it is ONLY for the experienced ones.

THC Content:  15-20%

Taste: Earthly sweet

Smell: Sandalwood, Pine with a hint of Lemon

Sensations: Blissful Daze, Numbness, Uplifting Creativity

Blue Dream– good for pain relief and insomnia, a notable hybrid of blueberry and haze. Try this strain if you are feeling a bit stressed lately. The high you’ll feel will last long.

THC Content: 15-20%

Taste: Vanilla and berry taste.

Smell: Creamy fruit sweetness

Sensations: energetic at first then relaxed, euphoric sleep

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