Popular Hardy and Easy to Grow Marijuana Strains

Hardy and Easy to Grow Marijuana

Growing  your  own Marijuana  require  patience and skill. Growers  face the dilemma of choosing the right type to grow. Cultivators have many factors to consider such  as the skills they posses and the resources available  to sustain the plant’s  needs .The strains listed below are ideal for novice, advance beginners and experts alike.

Skunk #1

The pioneer hybrid to be stabilized  for indoor cultivation, the Skunk #1 is a favorite among  growers for more than 35 years. This strain is a sturdy queen, famous for being disease and pest resistant. Novice growers delight in its ability to tolerate abuse. This plant, as its name suggests produce a skunky flavor with a hint of sweetness. It contains an average  THC level of  11.5% ( medium) giving consumers an encompassing buzz.

Big Bud

This variety is a hit among commercial growers .It delivers a huge yield ; approximately 550 grams  and is relatively easy  to grow. Although it is easy to grow ,the Big Bud is an easy target for pests. Growing this variety indoors is the best way  to promote plant growth and protect them from pests. The Big Bud has a sweet grape like flavor with a spicy kick. This jewel contains an average THC  of 11.5 % ( medium).

Holland’s Hope

A ray of hope among growers , this variety  is able to  withstand the  cold and unstable climate of the Netherlands. A sturdy  lady ,she is able to withstand the assault of   fungus ,mold and mildew .This variety has a THC level of 19.5% ( strong), giving consumers  a body stone. Recommended for pain relief and for those suffering from depression.


This variety is a favorite among commercial cannabis growers   for being easy to grow. The Afghani has a sturdy constitution and produces a massive yield of approximately 550 grams. This plant has a THC level of 17. 5 % making it a powerful lady indeed. This variety is best grown indoors to promote growth and to  protect it from diseases.


A mix of  between Sativa and Indica, this variety has impressed growers for its ability to resist mold and various pests. The Satori is suitable for growth  both indoors and outdoors .This  beauty  has the ability to withstand the blistering heat .Consumers savor its   sugary sweet and fruity flavor  while enjoying a body buzz. Satori has a THC content of 25.5% ( strong).

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