Potency of Marijuana Strains

Marijuana Strains Potency

The strength or potency of marijuana strains depend on the THC content level of the weed. Some smokers said that as compared to 1970’s, the effect of ganja is much stronger now. The pure strains of marijuana which are indica and sativa remained to have the same level of THC content over the years. It is just that smoker from 70’s era preferred to puff the leaves only where THC has lower concentration while nowadays we are using the flower and its tip called buds where the highest content of cannabinoid is found. Another factor that alters the original potency is crossbreeding or mixing the original strains. But there is still no good confirmation that weeds are much stronger today than 40 years ago.

A variety of mixed high grade strains flourish in online seed shops, all of which have guaranteed highest potency and can give the user the desired cerebral tinkles. Some of the fresh super strains include Black Pearl which is 70% sativa and 30% indica. The pungent and sharp scent of this domineering strain is a blend of tinge of skunk and berries and its potency is indisputable. The Monster Bud super strain is another powerful mixture of 60% sativa and 40% indica. It gives a high that stimulates creative thoughts. Other powerhouse strains are Monster Bomb, Purple Diesel, Cluster Bomb and Avalanche.

The classic crossbreed and high grade strains include White Widow, AK47, Northern Light, White Russian, and Big Blue, Super Haze and Vintage Mix. These varieties are considered royalties and sovereigns when we talk about potency and yield. Modern genetic blends such as Blue Widow, Poison Afghan, Electric Fruit Punch, Black Jack and Black Queen have distinct strength that is not for the faint hearted. The feminized group of strains is another valuable collection of potent weeds. These are recognized as producers of high resin content and unique high.

Experienced smokers can credibly tell that the potency of marijuana has not changed overtime. Different parts of this hemp plant have different THC content level, so that is where the difference lies. If you smoke the leaves, it will not give you the same high as the buds or flower can. Another important thing to point out is the paraphernalia being used in puffing pots. Bongs and glass pipes allow the user to take more strains with considerably high THC content, thus the stronger effect. Nonetheless, all the strains give the perfect euphoric result.

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