Potency of Marijuana Strains

Marijuana Potency

There is heated debate on whether marijuana potency is better today than before. As per the federal government of the US, potency levels have increased by more than 10 folds. The question is if this is really true.

Reality is today’s strains are really far more superior in many ways compared to those 30 years ago. As technology has progressed and so is true with the methods that are being utilized. It is a  fact that we all would agree that there are wider ranges of strains available today that are at their maximum marijuana potency levels.  

Typical levels of THC before was around 0.4 of a percent while today’s produce goes as high as 25%. Based on this data, It has actually answered that long ongoing debate in terms of who is more potent. Factors included are:

  • Environment: climate and conditions
  • Genetics
  • Processing and Harvesting 
  • Grower


Before, If a grower wanted to test their crops for the compounds and chemicals, they would have to seek help and get the services of a working laboratory that has specialized equipment. Nowadays, Marijuana potency testing can be done at home or at your garden. These kits are designed to be user friendly so anyone can do it even without a background in chemistry.

These marijuana potency test kits are more than just to test THC and CBD levels. They allow the grower to get into their plant’s composition and see the levels of the chemical structure of the plant. This way following the recent discoveries regarding cannabis cultivation. This goes hand in hand when trying to alter and improve their physical balance.

Top 5 strongest strains with the highest potency levels tested

Based on our research the below are the Strongest Marijuana Strains in the Market today.

Godfather OG

Known as the strongest strain today. Known as the “Don of all OG Strains” this strain is widely popular. A widely-used medical marijuana strain in Southern California. This strain is highly recommended for pain management for its sedative effects and insomnia. The Don has a kushy spice with hints of subtle grape scent. It is a very powerful strain with THC levels at 28%. The Godfather OG is an L.A Cannabis Cup winner as Best Indica in 2013.


Chemdawg is a potent strain that has a lot of followers due to its fantastic cerebral effects. Even Though the THC level is moderate on this strain the effects are really strong and quick. This is a super dank and the scent is of diesel with pine hints. This hybrid is very popular nowadays and its potent aroma and excellent effects will make you crave for more.

Irish Cream 

This dominant Indica strain is stout with strong floral scents. Irish Cream has a smooth and sweet taste while the hit brings in moderate effects. The sensation that it brings physically will leave the consumer carefree and relaxed but not couch-locked.

White Tahoe Cookies 

This Dominant Indica strain is a blend of Tahoe OG, The white, and an unrevealed Girl Scout cookie. This combination exemplifies all the combined effects and aroma. This has a hashier, sweeter notes with hints of the classic undertones of OG. This has a very strong sedative effect that brings a couch lock on to the smoker which is very excellent for pain management as well.

Strawberry Banana 

This is an Indica strain which is a cross of a Banana Kush and a strawberry bubblegum phenotype. Strawberry Banana has a sweet and fruity taste. Popular because of its thick resin and high THC content. Strawnana as its is called brings in a peaceful and joyful effects that actually enhances creativity and senses

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