The Sea of Green Method of Growing Marijuana

Sea of Green Method of Growing Marijuana

For indoor marijuana growing, there a lot of approaches that can be made to effectively grow pot. But for some whose primary consideration is to produce marijuana to be used commercially, the Sea of green method is the only solution to harvest as many ganja as possible in an indoor set-up.  The sea of green method is given such a name because the grow room is packed with marijuana plants to the tune of one plant per square foot of space.  This means that with the weed growing, you can see only the tops of the pot and not its body especially those located in the middle or back of the room.

The idea with a sea of green method in cultivating marijuana lies on the premise of continuously harvesting marijuana all year round.  This is made possible by including in the sea of green the younger marijuana plants together with maturing ones such that the younger ones will soon be ready to harvest after the matured weed plants have been harvested. The marijuana plant is pruned periodically to fit it in the requirement especially by preventing it to grow taller and to make it bushier.  It is a continuing cycle and therefore the weed grower gets to have a never ending supply of cannabis.  Some say that one of the purpose of the sea of green is to save on electricity and other costs necessarily included in pot growing but the real deal is the ability to produce weed continuously without significant interruption.

One of the disadvantage of the sea of green method is the concentration of light is limited to the tops of the marijuana plant.  Light rarely reach the bottom part so the leaves in that part are expected to die.  But this is compensated by the continuing cycle of harvest all year round because as one mature plant gets dried out, it is replaced immediately by a next generation weed and so on.

The sea of green method of raising marijuana is preferred by those who are already knowledgeable when it comes to its intricacies and therefore not for beginners who still need to try their hand on being a weed farmer.  It is also important to find the right marijuana strain that can be used for this method.  Most of the growers using this method grow the indica variety because they are shorter as compared to the sativa cannabis.

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