Soil or Hydro Growing Techniques for Growing marijuana

Soil or Hydro Growing Techniques

Growing marijuana is not that difficult nowadays because of the many weed growing methods now being used.  The approach now is very scientific such that there are available techniques for ganja growing starting from the germination up to the harvesting, curing, and bagging.  It can even be said in a manner that almost all stones were already turned upside down when it comes to pot growing. For sure there will be additional methods that will further be developed in the future when it comes to weed growing but right now, it is basically still either be soil or hydro.  That’s right, marijuana must have something to be planted on and it could be soils or water at this point.

The soil to be used will differ according to the stage of marijuana growing.  When the weed seeds have been germinated, it must be allowed to sprout in a special type of soil that has the proper ph because increased acid levels are not good for the sprouting marijuana.  The ideal soil could be a combination of several nutrients mixed in the soil and right amount of sand to make it less sticky and to allow the water to escape at the bottom holes of the cup or grow box.  This is true whether the intention is to grow indoor or outdoor as long as soil is the foundation where marijuana roots must take hold.  Soil as the mode of growing pot is still the most preferred and rightly so because just like any other plants, soil is the natural medium to grow them.

Hydroponics is basically limited to indoor growing and though it is riskier as compared to growing outdoor marijuana, it is nevertheless popular among enthusiasts and especially small-time ganja growers who have to contend with limited space in their marijuana growing.  The beauty of indoor marijuana growing and hydroponics for that matter is that the weed plant can be forced to mature at an earlier time because of the controlled environment.  There is then no need to depend on the season when growing indoors.  With hydroponics, no soil will be used and all the nutrients needed to grow marijuana will be mixed with water where the pot roots are submerged.  This is an effective method that is being used to grow marijuana at a faster rate without sacrificing the THC content to some extent.  With the right strain, hydroponics method actually even serves to increase the potency of ganja taste to a certain extent.

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