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Importance of Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain

marijuana seeds canadaFrom the usual sativa/indica and even ruderalis varieties, a whole slew of different strains are now available for the marijuana grower to choose from.  The many cross breeding and mixing of the two main varieties have brought forward many possibilities and though it seems that the hybridization of cannabis has somehow reached a peak, it is believed that many new strains can still be developed and exciting qualities are also expected to be discovered later on.

As of now, the strains created by the cross breeding methods applied by many producers have focused on certain salient features and it is also these features that somehow decide if a particular weed strain is appealing or not.  This is because the initial impression will be given by the features of a particular strain which said features will later on be validated by the actual taste and effect that it will give the user. Read the rest of this entry »

Cannabis Strains Ideal For Greenhouse Growing

Outdoor marijuana growing is arguably still the best mode of growing marijuana.  But the many limitations inherent in outdoor growing is discouraging in most instances so the more safe and secure indoor cannabis growing method became more popular.  There are still those who use the outdoor method but to an improved degree such as the greenhouse cannabis growing medium.  Greenhouse marijuana growing is actually a combination of both indoor and outdoor cannabis growing.  It is a form of outdoor growing because it does not rely on the use of growing lights to hasten the weed growth as it mainly uses the light coming from the sun.  It is an indoor form of growing in the sense that the ganja plants are not exposed to the harsh environmental elements and the indoor temperature can actually be regulated to the desired level.

marijuana seeds canada

Not all marijuana strains are conducive to a greenhouse type of growing.  By the nature of greenhouses, where the glass ceiling is normally not that high as to exceed 3 meters in most cases, the only strain of weed that can be effectively grown are those that are basically shorter in height.  Here are some of the weed strains that have been tried on greenhouse growing and proved to be effective under such method.

Dutch Dope Marijuana Strain

A cross between indica and sativa, the height is basically indica which makes it shorter and therefore ideal for greenhouse cannabis growing.

Amsterdam Indica Cannabis Seeds

This strain is 5% sativa and an amazing 95% indica.  Very ideal for greenhouse growing because of its short indica feature.

Bob Marley Sativa Strain

One of the few sativas that can be grown in a greenhouse.  The greenhouse must have high glass ceilings to accommodate bob.  The warm climate associated with a greenhouse will definitely help in producing more yields for this outdoor loving cannabis.

Crystal Rain Feminized Strain

An indica/sativa mix that gives a predominantly indica type of high.  The indica feature of this strain makes it shorter than other weed varieties when grown and that is why it is also good for greenhouse growing.

Hazed Feminized Cannabis Strain

This mostly sativa strain of ganja originated from Jamaica and is best grown outdoor but loves greenhouse growing as well.  It is naturally healthy with natural sunlight bathing it day in and day out.  This strain has small but very potent buds.

Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Cannabis Strain

Because it is one of those versatile enough to be grown indoors or outdoors, this cannabis strain also performs excellently in a greenhouse growing set-up.


High Yielding Marijuana Strains

marijuana seedsMarijuana growers differ on the ideal cannabis strain that they want.  Some prefer those strains with high potency, strains that are for indoor or outdoor growing, those with the shortest flowering period, and such other characteristics.  There will always be those meticulous enough and will always demand for a particular trait that is applicable only to some ganja strains.  One distinct characteristic of a marijuana strain that is being looked upon most of the time by growers is its ability to produce high yield.  Even if the weed is said to be potent, if the produce is very low, then it is just a waste of time and money in certain instances because growing marijuana requires a lot of both and the ultimate compensation must necessarily come in the form of marijuana yield. Read the rest of this entry »

Ideal Indoor/Outdoor Marijuana Strains

Marijuana growing is normally divided into two modes of growing cannabis strains and it involves either indoor or outdoor growing.  For those who would like to have the best of both worlds and do have the option to grow marijuana on either side of the fence, then it is better to obtain marijuana strains that has the necessary features for both indoors and outdoors growing.  The good thing is there are indeed marijuana strains that can be grown in both modes.  So it is just a matter of choosing the right marijuana strain and eventually start with the growing adventure.

Amsterdam Indica Cannabis Strain

A mix between Northern lights and the Afghan strain.  It grows to a short 35-50 cm but it is deceiving in the sense that even while its short, it is known to produce a lot of big colas and it develops crystal-like resins on the flowers.  Flowering time for this baby is a short 8 to 9 weeks.  The thc content is quite high at 15-20%.  Many  serious growers have tried growing and maintained a stock of this cannabis strain because of its rare mostly indica features. Read the rest of this entry »

Highest THC Content

Feeling adventurous (bordering on dangerous)? Well these strains with the highest THC Content are the answer to your cravings.  Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the higher the THC content the more psychological effect can be felt. Duration, tolerance, neurological, physiological and appetite are altered on different magnitudes depending on the concentration of THC.


This strain will leave you mellowed down and relaxed. With its high THC content, it’s sure to make you have a good time. Relaxing feeling all the way.

Highest Recorded THC Content: 23%

Taste: sweet

Smell: floral, lemon but often changing

Sensations: Lazy, Euphoric, Uplifting  Read the rest of this entry »