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Importance of Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain

marijuana seeds canadaFrom the usual sativa/indica and even ruderalis varieties, a whole slew of different strains are now available for the marijuana grower to choose from.  The many cross breeding and mixing of the two main varieties have brought forward many possibilities and though it seems that the hybridization of cannabis has somehow reached a peak, it is believed that many new strains can still be developed and exciting qualities are also expected to be discovered later on.

As of now, the strains created by the cross breeding methods applied by many producers have focused on certain salient features and it is also these features that somehow decide if a particular weed strain is appealing or not.  This is because the initial impression will be given by the features of a particular strain which said features will later on be validated by the actual taste and effect that it will give the user. Read the rest of this entry »