Three of The Favorite Sativa Strains of All-Time

Favorite Sativa Strains

Out of the many sativa strains proliferating around the world, a few of them have made a mark and will continue to be the favourite marijuana strains of many weed aficionados.  Even with the introduction of various strains resulting from a cross of other breeds, some sativa cannabis varieties will still be here and are expected to still ride the ship of popularity well into the future.  Let’s take a look at some of the famous sativas that have maintained their clout in the marijuana industry.

Bob Marley Sativa

Aptly named to the famous singer who contributed a lot to the growth of marijuana popularity during his time, the Bob Marley Sativa is a cannabis variety that is best grown outdoors.  It has the full features of a sativa cannabis being tall with small buds.  Gro it in a tropical country and you will surely have a good yield because it lives well by basking under the glory of the sun’ rays.  The high it gives is a distinct cerebral feeling that has happy overtures.  You’ll never know what you will do next just to make you smile even with little things around.  It is easy to grow this plant and it can flower between 9 to 11 weeks.  A real weed enthusiasts would always want to try a Bob Marley sativa cannabis.

Super Silver haze

The Super Silver haze is a predominantly sativa strain having been crossed minimally with an indica strain.  This strain has won a couple of awards already owing to its distinct sativa high.  The yield is not that high but whatever is produced will surely make up for what is lacking in terms of the high that it can give.  First time weed smokers are advised to take it in moderation.  The thc content is a perfect 15-20% and it gives a eucalyptus type of taste which somehow adds up to the stoney effect.  Truly a distinct sativa strain and very popular across the globe.  As for the growing, it is not difficult to grow this baby especially in an indoor setting.

Durban Poison

Those who grow this marijuana variety are mesmerized with the awesome appearance of this plant.  Its bud turning purple with resins, with its large green leaves around makes it look sumptuous and waving at you to get smoked.  This is one of the few sativa strains that were not yet hybridized and is therefore 100% pure sativa.  Being a pure sativa, it is best grown outdoors. and it is beginner friendly.  Flowering time is at a short 8 weeks and this is an added reason why it is a favourite of ganja growers.


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