Top 8 Low Odor Strains for Outdoor Growing


Cultivation of low odor strains of Marijuana is an extremely popular activity for people in countries where it is legal. Growing your cannabis seeds outdoors is also a relaxing and fun-filled activity that lets you take charge of your own cannabis plants.

You see, growing your cannabis seeds outdoors is much more cost-efficient because it makes use of natural elements around the growing environment. As such, you will not need as many tools and equipment that is usually needed by low odor strains for indoor growing. There are certain types of low odor marijuana strains that flourish better if grown outdoors rather than indoors. We will discuss using outdoor cannabis seeds and how it can produce larger yields for better harvests. 

Here is a video on how to hide odor in an Indoor Grow Room

Tips for Cannabis Cultivation Outdoors

One of the main points to remember is that outdoor cannabis strains enjoy warm and sunny climates. If you live in a place where there is a constant tropical climate, then this will surely be a walk in the park. But keep in mind, however, that there are still many things to look out for when planting your cannabis seeds outdoors.

Due to the reliance on the environment, you will not have as much control over the cannabis crop as much as indoor planting. So here are three (3) tips that can help you make the most out of each weed seed:

  • Springtime cultivation works best

Outdoor marijuana seeds will get the best out of the climate if growers plant them during the springtime. During this season, many other kinds of flowers and plants start to blossom. Additionally, temperatures begin to rise so marijuana plants tend to grow better during these times. Growers who plant their cannabis seeds in springtime report that their cannabis plants grow taller. This is due to the hotter climate and healthier soil. 

Depending on where you are around the world, spring can happen in different months. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the dates and times it is best to plant your cannabis seeds.

  • Look For the Best Spot

Always take the time to pick the best spot for your outdoor marijuana garden. Once you choose an area, it would be quite hard to relocate your cannabis plants in the middle of growth. Marijuana plants will need an estimate of 6 to 10 hours of sunlight per day, depending on the kind of strain. Choose a location that easily exposes the plants to sunlight during the day. Make sure that each part of the plants gets ample amounts of sunlight per day. A good thing to do would be to trim your marijuana plants in such a way that it widens itself as it reaches the base. This way, no leaves would be overlapping with each other. 

Additionally, keep in mind that springtime brings hot and sunny climates. Situate your cannabis garden in a place that you can easily water. 

  • Picking the best strain for outdoor planting

There are many different marijuana strains that prefer outdoor growing over indoor growing. These are easily accessible through your local weed dispensaries or through online marijuana seed banks. Breeders develop outdoor marijuana strains for those who find it more convenient to do so. 

Here are some of the best and most famous outdoor strains that are available in the market today. Go ahead and read on for more information about these wonderful strains:

8 Low Odor Strains of Cannabis for Outdoor Planting

One key factor in growing outdoor marijuana strains is considering the odor it produces. Because your marijuana garden is situated outside, this gives other people a higher chance of smelling your cannabis buds. While this shouldn’t really be a major issue, cultivating your marijuana seeds is better done in private. The last thing that marijuana growers need is unwanted attention and people sticking their noses into your business.

There is what we call “low odor strains” or “low odor cannabis seeds”. These are marijuana strains that breeders develop that emit soft smelling scents. Avoiding strong and pungent smells is one way of doing your cannabis activities secretly.

Here are the top low odor strains of cannabis:

  • White Widow
  • BC Mango
  • Durban Poison
  • Blue Dream
  • Jack Herer
  • Northern Lights
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Master Kush

White Widow

White Widow is a world-famous cannabis strain that people use all the time. It flowers within a period of eight to nine weeks. White Widow gained recognition because of the amazing effects that it imparts. It is highly resistant to mold and infestations, which makes it perfect for outdoor growing. They reach a maximum of 6ft when cultivated outdoors and produce a yield of 50 grams per square foot. 

White Widow has very strong cerebral effects, often producing uplifting and euphoric highs. It boosts a person’s focus and makes them more productive. However, the White Widow is also known to lack some form of taste and smell. This means that it produces a very soft aroma that not many people can pick up and is known to be one of the best low smell strains available today.  

BC Mango 

BC Mango is an Indica-dominant hybrid that contains a fairly high THC level of 15% to 20%. Because it has strong Indica properties, the plant structure is quite short and compact. BC Mango produces frosty and popcorn-sized buds that will help anyone relax after smoking a couple of hits. Also, BC Mango will lift a person’s mood and cause a little bit of laughter in the user. 

There are no overwhelming smells and tastes in BC Mango and is definitely a low odor marijuana. Aside from the light and the sweet scent of mangoes in its nugs, BC Mango is quite mellow.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an almost pure Sativa that originates from Durban, South Africa from which its name comes from. It is widely regarded as one of the best Sativa strains out there. It offers a very energetic and happy high. Cannabis growers often choose this strain because of the large, resin-covered buds that it produces. While it isn’t exactly the strongest strain out there with a THC level of 17%, Durban Poison gives enough kick to keep customers satisfied. 

This marijuana strain offers a very sweet and soft scent when being grown and is really one of the best low odor strains today. There are no overpowering traits about the Durban Poison so this makes it a great choice for outdoor planting. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a very popular marijuana strain that breeders grow frequently in California. It is a hybrid that comes from crossing both the Blueberry strain and Haze. While it is a Sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream offers a very well-balanced ratio of relaxing and uplifting effects. It has a THC level of 20%, making it quite a powerful strain. 

Both beginner and experienced marijuana growers can enjoy cultivating this cannabis strain. It gets most of its smells and flavors from its Blueberry parent and really counts as one of the best low odor potent strains in the market. This means that one can expect sweet and fruity characteristics when breaking up its buds. 

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a great low odor cannabis strain to provide happy and cerebral effects to those users who are looking to receive a quick energy boost in the morning. Jack Herer will take around eight to ten weeks of flowering time in order to fully mature. With a THC level that ranges from 15% to 24%, Jack Herer truly does have the potential to be one of the hardest hitters in the game.

Although the flavors of this strain contain a somewhat herbal and earthy taste, the smells are of sweet and citrus notes that are pleasant to the nose. The smell of Jack Herer’s buds is not too overwhelming so it is perfect to grow this outdoors.

Northern Lights 

Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain that many people enjoy on a daily basis. It has a flowering period of around seven to eight weeks, which is pretty fast. Because it is an Indica strain, the plant structure of Northern Lights is quite small and stout, often reaching a maximum of 90 centimeters in height. The yields of this strain are about 100 grams per square meter of a plant. 

The effects of Northern Lights are what set it apart from the rest. It gives off a very relaxing high that locks you in your couch after just a couple of hits. While it starts in the head, it delivers strong buzzes all the way down to your body. The smell of Northern Lights is mildly spicy and sweet. While it doesn’t have the best scents out there this low odor Indica strain dominant hybrid is pretty strong. The Northern Lights is known for its high THC level of 21%.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is an award-winning low odor cannabis strain that flourishes greatly when growers plant it outdoors. It takes quite a long time to flower, often reaching around ten to eleven weeks before fully maturing. It also has a very high yield rate which reaches up to 1500 grams per plant. 

Super Silver Haze has very strong and long-lasting effects. It will get users energized and happy immediately upon smoking it. It helps soothe the body and at the same time sharpen the focus and productivity of people. As for the smell and flavor, it offers a subtle spice and herbal kick to it. 

Master Kush

Master Kush is a classic low odor outdoor strain. It produces high yields and takes around nine to ten weeks of flowering time. Master Kush gives off a strong high that is both cerebral and physical. While it rushes to the head and relaxes your mind into an almost lazy state, you will find yourself being able to perform some daily activities.

What it has in effect makes up for everything that it lacks in flavor and aroma. The pungent and herbal smell doesn’t really stick to a user as it is quite neutral on the nose. The good thing about this is that it does little to attract any attention when growers cultivate it. 

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