Trying to Smoke Marijuana for the First Time – How is the Feeling?

smoking marijuana for the first time

Marijuana seeds can be easily obtained since this part of the U.S. is a marijuana legal state. If you are a beginner in the cannabis world before you go looking for seeds to buy check out the information below to know what it feels like smoking marijuana for the first time.

If you have finally decided to take that leap towards using marijuana, don’t worry we will provide you useful information to help you prepare for your first toke.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has already tried it, how was your first-hand experience of getting high? No matter what you were doing the first time you smoked marijuana when you look back at what happened at that moment you are probably laughing at yourself. As per Elite daily, smoking marijuana the first time can be exciting as well as surprising and it may even be scary and confusing for some.

This time we will help you advance your learning curve and offer you some tips on how to better smoke marijuana.

What Makes Someone High after Smoking Marijuana?

The altering state of mind experience after consuming cannabis happens due to inhaling and absorbing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the body’s bloodstream. THC is one of the main active compounds in the marijuana plant. There are about hundreds of cannabinoids found in cannabis plants but THC is considered the most thoroughly researched cannabis substance so far.

When THC is absorbed in the body it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and goes to the brain. THC can copy the structure of another molecule found in the human body called the anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule. Anandamide controls various biological functions such as mood, appetite, pain perception, body temperature as well as blood pressure, and more.

After THC chemicals enter the body, it sends signals to the brain, making it believe that more anandamide is being released. It is the reason someone may experience giggly mood as well as get the eyes red, food cravings after you get high from smoking marijuana.

What to Expect after Smoking Weed for the First Time?

Marijuana impacts everyone discreetly, there are some usual effects that most of the first users encounter after they puff, puff, and pass.

1. You Feel No Difference

This can happen especially for first-timers who did not know how to properly smoke marijuana into their lungs. There is no scientific explanation to this but some theory says that this is probably due to a lack of cannabinoid receptors. There are individuals with little cannabinoid receptors, so they should consume marijuana a few times to sense any effects. The cellular sensory organ are responsible for how the both cannabinoids from marijuana communicate with the body.

Upon going in the bloodstream, active mixture from marijuana slowly increase the amount of available cannabinoid receptors. A body that has never been exposed to cannabinoids like the THC has to go through a sensitization period. However, this is a relatively rare event, but if there’s nothing happens after your first smoke of marijuana, you can make sure that the lack of sensory organ is to blame. And don’t worry, after a couple of tries, you’ll get high. Not every first smoking experience will get someone high but do not be disappointed because you can always smoke again.

2. You Get Too Stoned in a Positive Way

Marijuana affects people differently. Some individuals like how it feels but it may take a while to get used to this feeling. Some people don’t like it at all and will never be comfortable with the effects of marijuana. Being high that is attained from consuming marijuana is not like being drunk when drinking alcohol. Marijuana gives someone a floating-like sensation of pleasure and euphoric.

It’s difficult to explain and make someone imagine what being high is like to a person who has never experienced it, but below are a few things that might happen:

You experience a euphoric or uplifted feeling.
Everything seems to be super fun and you can’t stop yourself from laughing.
You may also experience your senses are becoming heightened, and inputs like color, light, and sound all take on a stronger or at least different quality.
You feel hungry.
The feeling of nausea goes away.
There is a feeling of being physically at ease.

There are a lot of other things that might happen, but these are a few you are possibly going to experience or notice.

3. You Get Too Stoned in a Negative Way

This can be scary for someone who does not have the experience with marijuana before but wants to try it anyway. Smoking marijuana doesn’t always give a positive effect because every person is different. Here are some of the possible things that may happen to a bad high:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Melancholy
  • Physical discomfort
  • Confusion

If in case you experience any of these things after your first-time using marijuana, remember that it will go away shortly. You can also try changing your environment settings like changing locations, playing music, finding something funny to watch, going for a walk, etc.

How Long Does Marijuana Effects High Last?

Just like what we have said in the beginning marijuana effects depend per person. This is also the same as to how long marijuana high will last but we have gathered some factors below that will help you determine how long the effects will last.

1. Metabolism

The duration of your high based on the THC content in your bloodstream. The human body has a way of metabolizing the stuff you have put into this. Having a high metabolism can make high last shorter because THC would be metabolized much faster than by an individual with a little metabolism.

2. Tolerance

Some who have a high marijuana tolerance will probably experience high for a shorter period of time. Even if you do not smoke cannabis regularly, your tolerance will stay at the same level.

3. Dosage and Potency

The dosage is also an important factor that determines the period of high will last. It goes without saying that a fat blunt made with a 15 percent THC strain could kick you much harder than a minute, but more potent, equivalent.

The potency of cannabis based on its THC level, and the THC level between various strains could vary between 15 to 30 percent. The stronger the strain variety, the longer the effects will last.

4. Consumption method

There are many ways to ingest THC from marijuana plants. Each one comes with slightly different effects both in terms of the type of high and duration. These differences are created by various mechanisms by which THC go in the bloodstream. THC could be delivered to your body via the respiratory system or the digestive tract.

How long does a marijuana high last after smoking?

Smoking is probably the most popular form of consuming marijuana, and it’s also the quickest to take effect. When you inhale cannabis smoke, you give cannabinoids, such as THC and medical marijuana, through your lungs. These compounds go in your bloodstream almost immediately from inhaling it. The effects usually come within a few minutes.

However, the rapid onset is achieved at the cost of the period you feel baked for. On average, people feel high for between two to four hours after smoking marijuana. While in some persons, the high can last longer.

What is the Right Way Inhale Cannabis?

The moment that you draw in from a joint you must try to inhale the smoke directly to your lungs and hold it for a few seconds before exhaling. Whether the smoke is overly harsh for you and this tickles your throat, strive to grip it within your mouth for just a second to allow the smoke to cool off prior to inhaling it to your lungs.

Smoking is only one of the many ways to indulge in the effects of marijuana. It is also one of the most common consumption methods that enable you to feel the effects almost immediately. For the newbie smoker, you probably will have to go through some coughing fits before you get ordinary to it.

Final Thoughts

What should you anticipate when you smoke marijuana for the first time? You will probably be delighted with real euphoria, laugh at anything, feel hunger, shady profundity, and other unnecessary concerns. Everyone who smokes weed tends to experience some balance of all these things. What I mean to say, that there will be good and potentially bad effects. If in case you do feel less than enjoyable, weed pros say it is best to play your favorite song, a funny video, or watch the sunset.

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