Which Type of Marijuana Growing is the Best

how to grow marijuana indoor and outdoor

Always famous around the world, marijuana has created such a following that a lot of people not only use it to smoke but to grow as well. Before, the usual method of growing cannabis is limited to outdoor growing, though indoor growing was also being done but in a less sophisticated manner. Nowadays, marijuana is grown using the available technology and creativity on the part of the ganja grower. Let us look then at some of the famous growing methods for marijuana and decide which is better for your particular situation, that is, should you decide to grow weed.

Outdoor Marijuana Growing

This is still very popular and actually is the best way to grow cannabis. Being an outdoor plant, ganja needs a lot of sun, and other environmental elements that are needed by it in order to grow effectively. Techniques are also now being applied in planting cannabis outdoors and some of which is by growing it between other tall plants like corn. Mountainside marijuana growing is being done in many countries particularly those with tropical climates. The less human intervention there is, the better for the cannabis to grow.

Indoor Marijuana Growing

This is the mode of cannabis growing that is very popular nowadays because of the many possibilities that can be derived from using this growing method. Indoor cannabis growing is further divided into several methods and each is considered effective in producing the same potent marijuana variety that can be obtained using the outdoor method.

There is the usual indoor growing using the soil as the foundation where marijuana will grow and this is done by choosing the kind of soil that has the necessary nutrients needed by the growing cannabis plant. From the moment a weed seed sprouts, different types of fertilizers and lighting equipment are used to make sure that it will grow faster than the usual.

Another type of marijuana growing method is called hydroponics where water is the main nutrient giving medium that will feed the growing ganja. The marijuana plant is made to take its roots on rockwool, perlite, moss, and others without really using soil. It is deemed better than using soil as the growing medium because there is absent the possibility of the marijuana plant from acquiring pests coming from the soil.

Then there is also the aeroponics which is meant for the experts. Those who have tried hydroponics are usually the ones who advance to this marijuana growing method. The roots are suspended in mid-air with clamps holding the plant in the lower body. Nutrient-rich water is then sprayed in regular intervals to feed the roots.

So choose which among these methods best apply to your marijuana growing needs.


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