Utilizing the Hydroponic System to grow Cannabis

cannabis hydroponic system

Throughout the years there have been experimentations on how to grow healthy plants without soil. After many years a  system called hydroponics has been developed. Hydroponics is the art of cultivating plants without the utilization of soil. A Hydroponic medium consists of sand and clay and a nutrient mixture. A plant when grown using this method will prosper. The system comprises of a reservoir, pots, pump, the growing medium, and the growth nutrient solution. The system is divided into 2 sections. The upper section contains the growth medium while the lower section contains the nutrient solution. The plants are planted into the medium.

As the plant grows, the roots grow right through the medium and into the nutrient solution.  Throughout the day the reservoir pumps out the nutrient solution at timed intervals for the plant to soak up. The plants expend less energy on the root’s quest to find water and grow faster since they can focus on getting bigger. As your plants grow you can practically see a root jungle. Hydroponic growing has gained popularity among cannabis growers across the globe. The hydroponic system can speed up the process of flowering up to about  60%. It’s that fast. Be careful though, you should maintain the system to prevent problems. A mismanaged system can lead to early plant death.

This video shows you how to set up the Best Hydro System for Beginners

Rock wool is a popular growing medium among growers for cutting roots and for the germination of seeds. This medium can be cut to fit the pot. Prior to use, most growers advise that it should be soaked in water having a  5.6 pH. The reason for this is to stabilize the medium’s pH. The next step to be tackled would be to mix up a nutrient solution. Before doing anything else read the instructions carefully. After mixing the solution, check the pH. Make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired pH  ( 5.2 -6.3) using a special pH adjustment solution. If you don’t have the pH adjustment solution discard the solution. Read the instructions again and make another batch. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

Growers must constantly monitor the nutrient content of their plant. The pH fluctuates rapidly so make sure to keep it within the desired ranges. Checking the pH is done through the utilization of a PPM meter, seasoned growers are able to determine the pH just by merely looking at the plant.

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