Valid Considerations for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Valid Considerations for Indoor Marijuana

When planning indoor marijuana growing, several considerations must be made and among which are the following:

The Size of the Grow room

Like most plants, marijuana requires a lot of space and this is still true even if it is grown indoors.  That is why before buying marijuana seeds, it is important to first determine the size of the grow room.  If plenty of weed seeds are desired to be planted, then an entire room might be needed.  If however, only a few ganja seeds need to be grown, then a space as small as a closet space could be enough.  At any rate, the space needed for the pot plant to grow effectively is always an important consideration and it will depend on the limitations of the grow room space to a great extent.  Remember that there must also be space inside the grow room where work can be done.


This is actually the concern with a small grow room with lots of growing marijuana.  The weed plant breathes through its leaves and if they are crowded, there is a not so good possibility that they won’t get the air that they need to further flourish.  With ventilation, this can easily be done by having an opening that will allow the air to come in and circulate.  For closet type marijuana grow rooms, it is enough to just open the door to allow the air in.  If the grow room is quite big or there is not enough air circulation, there might be a need to install fans to induce air circulation so an electrical outlet is also needed and more is needed especially if an ionizer and growing lights also have to be installed.

Water supply

Watering marijuana is a constant responsibility so it is important to have in store inside the grow room a water tank or at least a faucet where water is readily available.  If what is to be used is ordinary tap water, remember to allow it to first be exposed in open air for at least 24 hours before pouring it in the weed plants.  This is to neutralize the chlorine that is usually mixed with tap water.  Too much chlorine will damage your growing ganja plant and will lead to its deterioration.  Be sure however to separate at a distance your water tank and the electricity socket to avoid untoward accidents of the two getting in contact.

Odor Control

When the marijuana plant is towards maturity, and this is especially true in the case of some ganja strains, odor might become an issue especially if the grow room is in highly urbanized areas.  Install an ionizer or other equipments that will serve to mask the scent of your growing pot.

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